Breaking: The OnePlus Open/OnePlus V Fold Will Be Available On August 29th.

Breaking: The OnePlus Open/OnePlus V Fold Will Be Available On August 29th.

We revealed the first glimpse at the OnePlus Fold, OnePlus’ first foldable phone, to the world last month. Excitingly, OnePlus has revealed that the OnePlus Fold will be officially launched in the last week of August at a highly anticipated event in New York. This information is provided by dependable tipper Arvind, who claims to have acquired it from credible sources within the brand. According to his sources, if everything goes as planned, the launch will take place on August 29. We are unable to verify the accuracy of Mr. Arvind’s comments because he did not provide any additional information regarding the source of his claims.

Max Jambor, a well-known OnePlus leaker, has reported that the first OnePlus foldable device will most likely be called the ‘OnePlus Open.’ OnePlus apparently registered this name in May, along with many others like as Prime, Wing, Peak, and Edge, implying a diverse lineup of foldable phones. However, it appears that OnePlus Open will be the name picked for their first offering.

Expectations for the OnePlus Open Specification

According to rumours and significant leaks, the OnePlus V Fold/Open will include a 7.8-inch folding inner display and a 6.3-inch outer screen, both with a 120Hz refresh rate.

In terms of performance, the next OnePlus foldable is expected to include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, as well as at least 256GB of RAM and up to 16GB of storage. The camera combination is expected to include two 48MP rear cameras, one for the primary shooter and one for the ultra-wide sensor, as well as a 64MP telephoto camera to round out the triple camera layout.

A powerful 4,800mAh battery pack with support for 67W fast cable charging is believed to be incorporated to keep the smartphone fueled throughout the day. OnePlus is also likely to include a side-mounted fingerprint scanner on this highly anticipated foldable device due to its unique form factor.

OnePlus V Fold Will Be Available On

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