Google Year in Search: The Most Popular Searches Made In India in 2023

Google Search 2023

The time is almost here to say goodbye to 2023. The year was significant for India because it captured the attention of the world on several fronts, from the country’s historic landing on the moon to its rise to prominence in the global economy. People used Google Search to discover a wealth of knowledge and enjoy the numerous moments along this journey. It’s time to look back on these notable occasions when Indians explored, pondered, and rejoiced over a wide range of subjects as we bid the year farewell. The themes that shaped India’s Year in Search 2023 are summarized here.

News events were dominated by the momentous success of Chandrayaan-3, whose rocket-like ascent out of space sparked both domestic and international searches. The G20 presidency of India prompted a substantial amount of interest in “What Is” search inquiries related to the event. The results of the Karnataka elections and the Uniform Civil Code were among the local developments that people were keeping up with, according to other news-related queries. However, many individuals were trying to make sense of global events by searching for Israel news and the Turkey earthquake.

In the spirit of self-care, our most popular “How To” query saw users looking for local zudios, gyms, beauty salons, and dermatologists as well as home cures for preventing sun damage to skin and hair. Our popular questions show how the Indian creator ecosystem is growing, with many people wanting to know “how to reach my first 5K followers on YouTube.”

Our enthusiasm for cricket peaked, with inquiries this year reaching all-time highs on the Cricket World Cup and the India vs Australia cricket matches. However, the passion for Indian cricket was evident everywhere. The only cricket team to appear on our list of international sports teams is the India National Cricket team, which is now the most popular trending team in the globe. Locally and internationally, Shubman Gill and Rachin Ravindra were the most popular cricketers on trend.

Sports-wise, the inaugural Women’s Premier League and the Women’s Cricket World Cup were well regarded. In addition to cricket, questions like “How to become a chess grandmaster” and “How to get good at kabaddi” were posed by those experimenting with different sports.

Indian films weren’t far behind the Barbenheimer boom in terms of global movie attention. Jawan made a strong claim to be the #3 most popular film search worldwide and the top trending local film search. Pathaan and Gadar 2 both achieved highly sought-after positions as regional and global blockbusters.

People all over the world were humming our music, with Kesariya ranking as the #2 tune that people hummed to search for worldwide. In addition to ranking first among trending people in India, actress Kiara Advani also made the list of the most popular actors worldwide. Oppenheimer finally prevailed in the Barbie vs. Oppenheimer struggle when it came to global entertainment searches in India.

Local OTT content dominated trending shows, accounting for six of the top 10, with Farzi, Asur, and Rana Naidu securing the top spots. A variety of amusing memes were used by individuals to express themselves, such as the hilarious “Bhupendra Jogi” meme, the “So Beautiful So Elegant” meme that made Delhi-based Jasmeen Kaur an internet sensation, or the “Moye Moye” meme, which was inspired by a Serbian song and showed people finding humour in trying circumstances.

Travel destinations in Southeast Asia were very popular, with Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali), and Thailand taking the top ranks. Many people were also interested in going on day trips to places like Goa, Kashmir, Coorg, and the Andaman and Nicobar islands. People who love food showed their appreciation by looking up recipes for dishes like mango pickle, panchamrit, karanji, Thiruvathirau Kali, Ugadi Pachadi, kolukattai, and rava ladoo.

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