ChatGPT Questions: How to Improve for Writing, Marketing, and More


The world has been captivated by ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot from OpenAI.

ChatGPT, one of the fastest-growing apps in history, allows users to write emails, essays, and other types of content in response to a few brief prompts. Beyond that, it has started to establish a presence in the business world, especially with the release of plugins that link the chatbot with independent apps, websites, and services. Most recently, a new function called Browsing has become available to ChatGPT Plus users, allowing ChatGPT to search Bing for solutions to prompts and queries.

But, ChatGPT isn’t always the most obliging helper. Careful fine-tuning of the prompts is necessary to get it to output a certain result.

Since the tool’s release, a variety of tools and instructions for writing ChatGPT prompts have appeared. Yet, not all of them are very simple to understand or intuitive. We’ve developed a list of the finest ChatGPT prompts for many types of workflows, including writing, marketing, sales, students, and tech enthusiasts, to assist people who are new to ChatGPT and those who are eager to pick up new skills.

The Top ChatGPT Sales Prompts

Nobody enjoys writing sales emails. No one. While there are various tools available to complete the process, many of them rely on rigid, repeated templates. With ChatGPT, not so.

Yet phrasing is crucial when creating sales prompts for ChatGPT. For instance, think about the question:

Send a sales lead a brief, casual cold email.

In comparison to:

Send a sales lead a chilly email.

You’ll see that the outcomes for the first, far more descriptive prompt are superior—in a neutral sense—to those of the second. Even if they’re not ideal, they’re a far better place to start if you want something that can be sent.

The ChatGPT prompt can be adjusted even more. Consider the case where you need copy for LinkedIn prospecting emails. LinkedIn is a fantastic source for finding sales leads (as many marketers know). Use a question like:

John’s LinkedIn profile summary is as follows: I recently discovered Katie on LinkedIn, so please send her a chilly email.

It was tested by Katie Paterson of the Zapier blog. The outcome was impressively tailored and, to be honest, far superior than the most of the sales spam I’ve received over the years.

ChatGPT need not be limited to the world of email. Vidyard describes how the application can be used to automate processes for making cold calls or delivering sales pitches. Try the following:

Create a sales pitch for a marketing expert that offers assistance to small companies that are having trouble being found online and ranking well in search engines.

Once more, you’ll probably need to adjust the outcomes. But there’s no denying that it saves time.

The Top ChatGPT Marketing Prompts

With the correct set of questions, ChatGPT can be a fantastic marketing tool. It takes skill to stimulate the model in the right ways so that it comprehends your intention, just like when writing.

Keywords are an essential piece of the marketing equation, as any internet marketer is aware. Thankfully, ChatGPT has a reliable keyword generator. Use the command:

Come up with a list of long-tail and effective keywords for [insert text here].

That will serve as a good beginning point for whatever copy you may be writing.

It goes without saying that ChatGPT can be helpful when coming up with ideas for copy, whether it’s for an advertisement or a social media post. Look at this prompt from Tory Wenger at Madgicx as an illustration of the level of specificity ChatGPT will tolerate:

Create an urgent sense of urgency in the language of our Facebook ad campaign, target customers who have already visited our website, and include our offer of an exclusive special to persuade them to take action. This is the text of the offer.

That’s how simple it is.

Believe it or not, ChatGPT can also offer marketing and brand guidance, addressing difficult problems with a surprising depth and nuance. Gordon Donnelly from WordStream questioned ChatGPT on how to respond to unfavourable remarks and press:

How should I reply to people who criticise my items on Twitter as a social media marketing manager?

The reply from ChatGPT? An email requesting for feedback on a product in a polite manner, including phrases like “Your feedback is crucial to us” and “we want to make sure we’re surpassing your expectations.” Speaking of measured!

The Ideal ChatGPT Writing Prompts

ChatGPT can be a very helpful companion when it comes to writing, acting as a tool for brainstorming or streamlining the most tedious parts of the process. Yet unless you employ extremely particular prompt wording, the chatbot isn’t necessarily the most steerable or predictable.

Consider “priming” The context and mood can be set with ChatGPT. Use a question like:

I need your assistance creating a blog post because I’m a tech blogger. CES is the subject. Those who are interested in current and upcoming cellphones should find this post useful. Don’t begin writing just yet. Do you comprehend?

That will “base” the tool and give ChatGPT context for upcoming inquiries.

Using bullet points to direct ChatGPT as it writes is another clever trick. Attempt a prompt

Based on the following bullet points, compose an introduction:

This article is about a brand-new technological item called a cordless air fryer.
The item is $20 in price.

On June 16, the item will be offered for sale.
When the time is right, ChatGPT will produce something intelligible that combines information from all of the bullets.

Also, ChatGPT may be “trained” to replicate a person’s style, voice, and tone. This capability is helpful if you want to have ChatGPT finish sections of an article or essay for you. Try answering this question:

Examine the tone, voice, and style of the text below. Make a prompt asking the writer to pen a fresh paragraph in the same tone, style, and voice. [Text to be inserted]

It may not always be accurate. But, ChatGPT is much more likely to produce anything useful — and insightful — when told to write in this manner.

The Ideal ChatGPT Questions For School Children

Using ChatGPT as a writing tool or even as a writing assistance is not something that every academic institution is in favour of. Some, however, are doing it and have gone considerable measures to include ChatGPT in their curricula. Although I lean towards the latter position, I would caution students against utilising ChatGPT when it has been forbidden by their professor. You’ve been made aware.

Really, there are no restrictions on the kinds of educational ChatGPT prompts that can be employed. The answer actually depends on the job at hand and its particulars. You may, for example, try the following prompt:

I need assistance in writing a paper on the reasons behind the American Revolution.

Or a question like:

Can you describe the Magna Carta’s significance to me?

Also, ChatGPT will make an effort to react in a way that makes some sense, if not all of it.

A word of caution: ChatGPT doesn’t always provide accurate information when you request facts and figures. Sometimes, the chatbot creates things out of thin air with great assurance due to a condition known as hallucination. For this reason, it is advisable to fact-check ChatGPT responses before putting them into an article.

Once more, ChatGPT can be requested to do more than just compose an essay or respond to straightforward topical queries. Think about this question:

Please assist me with organising my study time for my impending political science and history exams.

To avoid the advise being too general, you’ll need to be more precise than “history and political science.” But, ChatGPT should give you a good place to start even though it won’t do the studying for you.

The Top ChatGPT Questions For IT Lovers

We now know that ChatGPT writes quite well. But did you know that it’s also a mathematician and a coder?

Let’s say you want to build a simple online form to gather contact details. With a prompt like: ChatGPT would gladly carry out that task for you.

Play the role of a JavaScript developer, Create a programme that verifies the data on a form. Address and age are not required, but name and email are.

There could be some errors in the resultant code. Without a doubt, ChatGPT is not ideal. Yet, it ought to be a logical beginning point.

ChatGPT can construct database queries for applications in a more complex use case, which is a task that often requires some time (and, sometimes, trial and error). For one of the most well-known relational database systems, MySQL, try this prompt:

Develop a MySQL query.

Users and orders tables

It must provide information on the individual who placed the day’s highest order.

Once more, the outcomes won’t always be usable right out of the box. Yet, they will assist you in getting to your destination.

The same is true for math inquiries. This is one of my favourite most recent prompts from the AI prompt database PromptHero:

Please assume the role of a maths teacher. It will be your responsibility to explain some mathematical equations or concepts in language that anyone can understand. This might be offering detailed directions for fixing an issue, illustrating various strategies with examples, or recommending internet sources for additional research. “I need help understanding how probability works,” is my first request.

You’ll discover that ChatGPT is a surprisingly considerate teacher.

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