Sam Altman Said Indians Would Fail To Develop ChatGPT; Mukesh Ambani, The CEO Of Reliance, Accepts The Challenge

Muskesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance, stated on Monday that Jio will develop AI models tailored for Indian users. “Jio pledges to provide AI to everyone, everywhere. And we will deliver,” he declared, more than two months after OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claimed that Indians could attempt to challenge ChatGPT but would fail.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and a key figure in the development of ChatGPT, stated two months ago that attempts by Indians to develop an AI system similar to ChatGPT would be fruitless. The challenge was sort of accepted on Monday when Mukesh Ambani, the firm chairman, spoke at the 46th Reliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) event. Jio would develop new ChatGPT-like AI technologies for Indian users, according to Ambani. “Jio pledges to provide AI to everyone, everywhere. And we’ll deliver, he declared.

When he expressed doubt about the Indian tech industry’s capacity to create an artificial intelligence (AI) product akin to ChatGPT, Altman recently made news in India. Altman said that such an attempt was “hopeless” and implied that India would encounter significant difficulties in accomplishing this feat at an event in India.

The Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, has answered with fierce determination, claiming that India has the resources and dedication needed to excel in AI.

According to Ambani, Jio Platforms intends to take the lead in creating AI models and solutions across domains that are specifically for India. This will allow Indian citizens, enterprises, and the government to benefit from AI. India possesses the size. The data is in India. India is talented.

When notable VC and former head of Google India Rajan Anandan questioned Altman, he made the remarks that followed. In order to underline how difficult it would be to compete with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT said, “We will explicitly tell you that it’s completely hopeless to challenge us in training foundational models, and you shouldn’t even attempt it.” Even while the chances of success were remote, he acknowledged that the chase itself was crucial.

Jio is making plans to support talent and capabilities, facilitating the quick adoption of international AI advancements, especially in generative AI. Ambani disclosed that Jio Platforms intends to take the lead in creating AI models and solutions across many areas that are tailored to India, enabling Indian citizens, companies, and the government to take advantage of AI’s advantages.

Ambani recognized India’s potential and emphasized the size, data richness, and talent pool of the country. He did, however, stress the requirement for a “robust digital infrastructure” that can handle the enormous computing demands of AI. He responded by saying that RIL is dedicated to developing up to “2000 MW of AI-ready computing capacity,” which includes both cloud and edge locations, while upholding a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“Jio made the pledge to provide universal broadband connectivity seven years ago. The delivery was made. AI is now a promise made by Jio to everyone, everywhere. And we’ll deliver, he declared.

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