Google Launches Nearby Share For Windows, Facilitating The Sharing Of Files, Photos, And Other Content.

Google Launches Nearby Share For Windows

Google’s Nearby Share, which makes file sharing across devices simpler, is the company’s response to Apple’s AirDrop. Nearby Share made sharing between Android devices simpler, but Google also made it available for other devices. Earlier this year, Google released the Windows beta for Nearby Share. For all Windows users, Nearby Share is now formally available. “Today marks the official launch of Nearby Share with Windows, offering improved performance and new functionality that can make it even easier for you to share content and stay productive,” wrote Ronald Ho, group product manager for Android, in a blog post.

Nearby Share now has new features.

Ho said that Android has continued to speed up and become more dependable since the app’s initial beta release in March 2023. He asserted that updates have improved file transfers’ success rates and decreased crashes. Recently, Google updated Nearby Share with two new capabilities. Users may check how long it should take to transmit files. This can be useful if you’re transferring large things, like videos or entire folders, and want to know how quickly it will be shared, according to Ho. To further assist you in confirming that the right file is being shared, there is now an image preview within device alerts.

The Nearby Share software will be available on a few Windows PCs, like the HP Dragonfly Pro, thanks to Google’s collaboration with partners like HP.

On PCs, users can download Nearby Share for Windows as an app. Ho asserts that more than 1.7 million individuals have downloaded the app as of this writing. Since debut, there have been over 50 million file transfers between PCs and Android smartphones, with photographs and movies being the most popular file types to share.

Google Launches Nearby Share For Windows

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