Google Was Sued For Allegedly’Secretly Taking’ Data To Develop Its AI Technologies.

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Google stated last week that it modified its policy and added that it trains language models for services such as Google Translate and Bard using freely available information from the open web. A broad lawsuit has been filed against the corporation as a result of this.

According to CNN, the lawsuit claimed that the tech giant illegally collected data from millions of customers. It further stated that as it trained and produced its AI products, it breached copyright regulations.

Clarkson Law Firm has filed a proposed class action suit against Google, its parent company Alphabet, and its AI subsidiary Google DeepMind. It is the same corporation that launched a similar claim against ChatGPT developer OpenAI last month.

According to the complaint, Google “has been secretly stealing everything ever created and shared on the internet by hundreds of millions of Americans” and utilizing this data to train its artificial intelligence products, such as its chatbot Bard.

According to one of the lawyers, Google “needs to understand that ‘publicly available’ has never meant free to use for any purpose.”

“Our personal information and data is our property, and it’s valuable, and nobody has the right to just take it and use it for any purpose,” he explained.

The lawsuit seeks a temporary halt to commercial access to and development of Google’s generative AI tools such as Bard, as well as unspecified damages and payouts as financial recompense to persons whose data was allegedly plundered by Google.

Google’s new policy

Google representative Christa Muldoon stated that the company’s privacy policy has always been clear.

“Our privacy policy has long been transparent, that Google uses publicly available information from the open web to train language models for services like Google Translate,” Muldoon was quoted as saying.

“The most recent update simply clarifies that newer services such as Bard are now included.” In accordance with our AI standards, we incorporate privacy standards and safeguards into the development of our AI technology,” Muldoon stated.

Google Was Sued For Allegedly'Secretly Taking' Data To Develop Its AI Technologies.

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