Green Go-Anywhere Overlander Debuts As GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser

GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser Debuts As Eco-Friendly Go-Anywhere Overlander

Up to Seven Days Can be Spent In The Wild.

The all-electric GMC Hummer EarthCruiser has been unveiled by EarthCruiser, the overland adventure travel and camping specialist firm, following a teaser from earlier this month. It is an overland upfit solution that attaches to the chassis of the electric vehicle and offers adventurers a blend of cutting-edge technology and comfort, both on and off the road. The fully functional Hummer EarthCruiser upfit will be on exhibit for the first time to the general public from August 25 to 27 at the Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado.

The overlander’s commitment to sustainability and off-grid capability is at the core of its allure. The first product of EarthCruiser’s partnership with GMC is a carbon-fiber housing that is completely incorporated into the EV’s chassis. Off-grid power autonomy is predicted to last for seven days thanks to a stunning 605 watt onboard solar power system and a 6-kilowatt-hour 12-volt lithium battery configuration. Adventurers can use this to power necessary devices like refrigerators or freezers, assuring food even on lengthy journeys.

Exploration is possible year-round thanks to the EarthCruiser upfit’s tri-layered, insulated pop-up camper shell, which emphasizes versatility. Appliances, shower facilities, outlets, storage, and even a flat-pack toilet are all featured in the smartly designed interior, which also offers utility and storage efficiency. On any terrain, the RV’s full-size bed provides a comfortable place to sleep, and the user-friendly 7.0-inch touchscreen control panel makes controlling the vehicle easier.

A 13.5-gallon freshwater tank, a 7-gallon gray water tank, integrated outside LED scene lights, exterior gear storage, dimmable inside lighting, an onboard 12-volt water heater, and more are all necessary components of a camping setup. The living area has a standing headroom of 80 inches at the entrance, 76 inches on the stair in the corridor, and 35 inches in the bed area.

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