How AI Affects What You See on Facebook and Instagram


On Facebook and Instagram, things occasionally get a little weird. Perhaps you’re discussing that bicycle ride you took to Leh or the fantastic pair of trainers you bought. You quickly find that your Facebook page has particular advertisements or boosted posts about Ladakh or a footwear store. Because artificial intelligence and algorithms are both in use, this is the case. In response to questions, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has now explained how AI affects what you see. The mission of Meta, according to the company, is to “challenge the myth that algorithms give people no control over the content they see.”

The president of Meta’s global affairs, Nick Clegg, described how AI is a major factor in what you see in a blog post. We can display you stuff sooner since our AI systems are able to determine how valuable a piece of content might be to you. Sharing a post, for instance, is frequently a sign that you found it fascinating; hence, one thing our computers take into account is forecasting that you will share a post,” Clegg said.

According to him, there is no one way to determine what is useful to a user. To get as near to the proper material as possible, “we use a wide variety of predictions in combination, some based on behaviour and some based on user feedback received through surveys.”

Because not everyone has the same tastes and that people’s interests can vary over time, Meta asserted that its products are tailored to the individual users’ experiences based on their behaviour.

What You See is Modifiable.

22 system cards that explain how AI is being used in people’s feeds have been made available by Meta. These system cards provide details on how content is ranked by AI systems, some of the predictions each system makes for which content may be most pertinent to you, as well as the controls you may use to further tailor your experience. They take care of Feed, Stories, Reels, and other areas where users go to get content from the accounts or individuals they follow, according to Clegg.

Additionally, Meta has established central locations on Facebook and Instagram where people may personalise settings that affect the material they view on each platform. Clegg continued, “You can access your Facebook Feed Preferences and Instagram Suggested Content Control Centre through the three-dot menu on pertinent posts, as well as through Settings.

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