iPhone 15 Features Rumours: What to Expect From Apple in Terms of USB-C, a Removable Battery, and Curved Bezels?

Apple's iPhone 15

In a few months, Apple’s iPhone 15 will go on sale, bringing significant changes to the company’s flagship model from the tech titan headed by Tim Cook.

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s future smartphone series, and its much anticipated release date is projected to occur within the next few months. Tech fans and Apple devotees are anticipating the launch of the new flagship gadget with anticipation, expecting big upgrades from the tech industry leader led by Tim Cook. Here’s a sneak peek at what the forthcoming iPhone 15 will likely have.

Apple to have a USB-C port and Removable Battery?

By the end of 2024, the European Union has ordered that all cell phones, tablets, and cameras sold in the area come with a USB Type-C charging port. Manufacturers are prohibited from selling cellphones whose battery access requires additional tools under a separate EU legislation that has not yet gone into effect. There is also a bigger notch on the bottom of the allegedly iPhone 15 Pro case, which is said to be for the USB-C port, which takes the place of the Lightning port on Apple smartphone models. Additionally, new iPhones may now include a replaceable battery option, according to Smartprix.

Wider Lenses on Pro Models of Cameras?

According to rumours, the iPhone 15 Pro would have a larger microphone and wider camera lenses. A 48 MP camera could be included of the future Apple lineup. It might have a Sony IMX903 camera sensor, which will process more light and enhance photography.

Apple’s 15-inch Prom Max will have a Titanium Body!

The upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, also known as the iPhone 15 Ultra, is rumoured to include a high-quality titanium body. The iPhone 15 Pro model may have a stainless steel body, just like the iPhone 14 and Pro Max variations.

There were rumours that the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 series would also have titanium bodies prior to their release, however this did not materialise. It should be noted that phones made of titanium are quite uncommon, which will lead to the emergence of the next model.

Thinner, Curved Bezels

The flat screens on the upcoming “Pro” iPhone models will remain, but they will have curved edges and smaller bezels. According to MacRumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 may have similar looks as a result of the smaller bezels and curved edges.

However, in keeping with long-standing practise, Apple has kept everything under wraps until launch day. Since these are just rumours, particular specifications could change.

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