New BRAVIA XR X90L Series from Sony Unveils Exclusive Gaming Combo Offer

BRAVIA XR X90L Series, New

The BRAVIA XR X90L range of televisions from Sony India, which has the next-generation Cognitive Processor XR, has just been released. The unique combo deal aimed towards gamers is the launch’s main attraction. When clients buy a BRAVIA XR television from the FY23 XR range coupled with the highly sought-after PS5 game system, Sony is offering a special discount of up to Rs. 24,000. The offer will start on July 1st, 2023.

Features of Sony’s Bravia XR X90L

There are three screen sizes in the BRAVIA XR X90L series: 75 inches, 65 inches, and 55 inches. The Cognitive Processor XR, which simulates how the human brain works and comprehends how humans see and hear, powers these televisions. It accomplishes this by segmenting the screen into several parts and determining the focal point in the image, simulating how people naturally focus on particular places.

A Full Array LED panel and cutting-edge features including XR Contrast Pro Booster, XR Triluminos Pro, and XR Clear Image are included in the X90L series. Precision contrast changes are made possible by the independently illuminated LEDs in various zones, producing deep blacks, brilliant brightness, and a wider colour gamut. With bright highlights and deep shadows, XR Contrast Booster makes sure that the lighting is balanced over the entire screen.

The new Bravia series comes equipped with XR Motion Clarity and 4K Upscaling technologies to further improve the viewing experience. By removing motion blur, these features guarantee a fluid 4K experience even in scenes with rapid movement.

Sony Bravia XR X90L,

Sony’s Bravia XR

Sound System, Sony Bravia XR X90L

Advanced technologies like XR sound positioning with Acoustic Multi Audio and XR Surround with 3D surround upscaling take care of sound quality in the X90L series. The Acoustic Multi-Audio system makes use of sound placement tweeters to make sure that high-frequency sounds come from the appropriate spot on the screen and are perfectly timed to the action there. Dual Bass Reflex X-Balanced speakers produce crisp, powerful, three-dimensional sound. Even with content that doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, XR Surround technology offers 3D surround upscaling to create a cinematic audio format that is akin to Dolby Atmos. The immersive sound experience provided by the BRAVIA XR signal processing technology gives the overall viewing experience more depth and realism.

The X90L series has features like Ambient Optimisation, Light Sensor, and Acoustic Auto Calibration because it is made to adapt to various surroundings. Ambient Optimisation optimises the viewing experience wherever it is used by adjusting the picture brightness in accordance with the illumination in the room. The Light Sensor intelligently determines where the viewer is seated in relation to the TV and adjusts the sound appropriately, providing an immersive audio experience.

Gaming Sony Bravia XR X90L

The PS5 gaming console is seamlessly integrated with the X90L series for gamers. The PS5 detects the BRAVIA X90L automatically and chooses the appropriate HDR setting for the display in accordance. The HDR settings are quickly optimised with Auto HDR Tone Mapping during the initial configuration of the PS5 console, ensuring that essential details and colours are visible in high contrast scenes. When a game is being played, the TV automatically switches to game mode to reduce input lag and improve responsiveness. The TV returns to standard mode when watching films on a PlayStation 5 console so that picture processing may concentrate on creating more emotive scenes. With HDMI 2.1’s Auto Low Latency Mode, the X90L knows when a console is plugged in and turned on and immediately enters low latency mode.

The X90L series has an intuitive Game Menu to accommodate gamers’ preferences. With the use of this function, users can quickly access settings customization options like VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) or Motion Blur Reduction. The black equaliser feature on the Game Menu allows players to brighten dim regions, making it simpler to see enemies and items. For precision aiming, users can select from six different styles of crosshairs.

Price Of Sony Bravia XR X90L In India

The XR-55X90L costs Rs 139,990, the XR-65X90 costs Rs 179,990, and the XR-75X90L’s price and availability have not yet been revealed. These three models make up the Bravia X90L line. The XR-55X90L and XR-65X90L versions are sold in all Sony Centers, significant electronics retailers, and online shopping websites in India.

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