New Menu Icon in iOS 17 Beta 3 Allows for Restoring or Permanently Deleting Photos: Details in Full

New Menu Icon in iOS 17 Beta 3 Allows for Restoring or Permanently Deleting Photos

For the future iOS 17 operating system, Apple released the third beta. The third beta introduces various new features as well as enhancements and improvements to the already existing capabilities. One of these enhancements is the new menu icon that combines two functions into one and is located at the bottom of the Recently Deleted album.

A new menu option for deleted images

Apple has added a new three-dot menu symbol at the bottom that brings up the choice to recover or delete the images instead of adding two separate buttons for deleting or recovering the photos from the Recently Deleted album.

Users can either retrieve or entirely erase the photographs from the album using the new menu’s straightforward functionality. Users have the ability to delete or recover chosen photos when they choose some from the menu. However, it displays the options to Delete All and Recover All when there are no photos selected. There is a new option called Save as Video for Live Photos.

Other modifications to iOS 17 Beta 3

The update also adds a number of other changes in addition to the new menu icon. Below is a list.

The Mental Wellbeing page has a new, more simplified appearance and a new colour Scheme.

A new feature for iOS 17 devices, which will be made available later this year, has been unveiled by Apple to support mental health. A more streamlined design and a new colour palette have been added to the Health app’s Mental Wellbeing section by the firm. There are new colours for various moods, and the button on the page now matches the colour scheme.

With the Very Pleasant and Very Unpleasant sliders, users can select how they are feeling at the moment, and the area will change colour accordingly.

Credits for songs in Apple Music

A new button in the most recent version of Apple Music enables users to see the credits for a song that is playing, being searched for, or included in a playlist. All of the song’s information, including the artists, composers, crew, and production details, are listed in the credits.

You can now choose to view the complete lyrics in the same area. It also indicates whether the music is available in Dolby Atmos or Lossless audio quality.

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New Menu Icon in iOS 17 Beta 3 Allows for Restoring or Permanently Deleting Photos

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