Next Month, Telegram will Launch Stories.

Telegram Launch story

Today, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov revealed that the messaging service will soon include Stories. According to Durov, users have been requesting the feature for a long time, and more than half of all feature requests Telegram receives are for Stories. According to Durov, the firm first opposed adding Stories since they “are already everywhere,” but decided to do so after customer feedback.

Users will have control over who can view each of their tales with Telegram Stories. You can specify whether or not anyone, only your connections, a small number of carefully chosen contacts, or a list of close friends can see your Stories. At the top of your chat list, in an expanded section, you’ll find stories. By relocating them to the “Hidden” list in their Contacts area rather than the main page, users will be able to hide Stories submitted by any contact.

Captions and links can be added by users to their Stories. Also, you can tag other people in your Story. Significantly, you will be able to concurrently post pictures and movies made with the front and back cameras in a manner reminiscent of BeReal.

You will also be able to decide when your narrative expires. It can have a six-, 12-, 24-, or 48-hour expiration date. Or, in a manner similar to how Instagram allows you to display Story highlights, you can permanently display Stories on your profile page.

Durov stated in his announcement post that “the ability to save your stories to the profile page will make Telegram profiles more interesting and colourful.” “You will eventually learn more details about persons you interact with in groups or channel comments, in addition to being able to browse more content from your closest contacts. Speaking about channels, they will gain greater visibility and subscribers once we introduce the capability to repost messages from channels to stories. Whenever this feature is available, going viral on Telegram will be much simpler.

Even the Telegram team’s critics began to value the feature after internal tests of Stories, according to Durov, and Telegram can no longer fathom the messaging service without it.

Articles will be accessible in early July after they have completed their final testing phase. Durov thinks the function will “start a new era on Telegram” and make the service more sociable than it is now.

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