PM Modi Introduces an E-Commerce Platform for Cooperatives Powered by Google Cloud

Indian Cooperative Congress (ICC)

The cooperatives now have their own e-commerce app thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) and Google Cloud have teamed up to create an app that aims to provide cooperatives with scalable, user-friendly technology for economic development. At the 17th Indian Cooperative Congress (ICC) in New Delhi, the app was introduced.

The International Cooperative Conference (ICC), which will take place at the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) at Pragati Maidan on July 1-2, is the premier venue for the Indian Cooperative Movement. International Cooperative Day falls on the same day as the event.

More than 8.5 lakh cooperatives in India receive education and training from the NCUI, which is the leading organisation in the country’s cooperative movement. More than 30 crore individuals belong to it.

“NCUI sought a scalable platform, such as Google Cloud, to host this e-commerce application for its consumers. According to an official release, the e-commerce platform was created on Google Cloud.

How the Application will Benefit Cooperatives

The app would enable cooperatives to market their goods globally without the use of middlemen. Additionally, the platform would offer cooperatives assistance in onboarding on the portal, packaging, branding, and gaining access to government welfare programmes, as well as training and support for capacity building.
“The launch of the E-commerce application will give cooperatives and their members easy access to sell and buy their products to customers around the nation. It is powered by sturdy and scalable technology. According to Dr. Sudhir Mahajan, CEO of NCUI, “We are confident that our relationship with Google Cloud will allow us on our road towards digital transformation and economically empower the Cooperatives.

The cooperative community will be given a platform via the e-commerce software, which will allow them to market their goods and services to a bigger audience.

The alliance will, according to the official release, also encourage economic development and provide a common platform for all the small cooperatives to participate in the market of established firms.

In order to improve their operations, NCUI was looking for a cloud partner who could provide scalability, open-source technology, and a collaborative approach. We are confident that our collaboration will give NCUI access to cutting-edge technological solutions that will promote the economic development and member empowerment of cooperatives, according to Bikram Singh Bedi, managing director of Google Cloud India.
According to NCUI, it decided to partner with Google Cloud to take advantage of its scalable, open source, and open standard cloud platform since it anticipates that both the number of users and their expectations will grow over time.

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