The Indian Government Sends Mobile Users a Serious Emergency Notice; Here Is What You Need To Know

emergency alert

By sending a sample message to several smartphones, the Indian government tested its emergency alert system today. ‘Emergency alert: severe’ flashed and beeped loudly for users all around the nation. The National Disaster Management Authority is putting in place a pan-India emergency alert system that includes this message in order to improve public safety and deliver prompt alerts in times of need.

The Department of Telecommunication transmitted the flash message to all Android users today at roughly 1:30 PM IST via the Cell Broadcasting System. It advised the recipients that it was a test and that nothing from their end was necessary.

This is a SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE sent through the the Cell Broadcasting System by Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. Please ignore this message as no action is required from your end. This message has been sent to TEST Pan-India Emergency Alert System being implemented by National Disaster Management Authority. It aims to enhance public safety and provide timely alerts during emergencies,” reads a flash message that several smartphone users have received.

Similar tests will be carried out frequently in various places, according to the Cell Broadcasting System of the Department of Telecommunication. It will be done to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of cell broadcast systems and the emergency warning broadcast capabilities of mobile operators.

The National Disaster Management Authority and the government are working together to strengthen readiness for disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, and flash floods. This test alert comes after one that was distributed to Indian phone owners on July 20.

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