You Should Be Aware Of These 4 Threads Hidden Features:

You Should Be Aware Of These 4 Threads Hidden Features:

Ever since it was introduced, Meta’s Thread has been gaining popularity. Users may sync followers, profile information, and more using the app’s partnership with Instagram. Basic capabilities including the ability to post text updates, photographs, and videos and share them with others are available on Meta’s challenger to Twitter. There are other features, though, that you might not be aware of. Here are 4 of these features.

Follow someone on Threads immediately

Users on Threads can rapidly follow other users on the platform thanks to the Quick Follow feature. Users can follow other users using this feature without having to access their profile and click the Follow button. You may easily follow someone by tapping on the plus icon next to their handle.

quickly start a new thread

Users must click the plus icon at the bottom to start a new thread. But all you have to do to add a second thread or more threads under the main thread is tap the Add to a thread button to establish a new thread within the thread (many threads). This is similar to having several tweets under one tweet. But Meta has simplified this even more. To establish a new sub-thread, users only need to press the enter key three times on their keyboard.

users who are silent

if you prefer not to be informed each time a new thread is posted. The option to silence specific individuals is then available in Threads. This may be for folks you don’t care about very much or just want to stop being bothered whenever they write something.

On a post made by the Threads account you wish to mute, select the three dots menu. Choose the Mute option from the drop-down menu.

Hidden words

There is a specific Hidden Words option in threads as well. Users can use this to hide comments that are offensive as well as comments that contain certain terms and phrases. By selecting the discover Hidden words option on the profile’s Privacy tab, you can turn this on.

Meta’s Threads
You Should Be Aware Of These 4 Threads Hidden Features:

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