To Make it Easier for Cricket Fans to Get Lodging, MakeMyTrip has Expanded its Homestay Service.


MakeMyTrip, India’s top online travel agency, is actively growing its portfolio of homestay accommodations across a few key metros and cities in preparation for the next intense cricket season. The business intends to satisfy the anticipated increase in demand for lodging as cricket fans go to different locations to watch the thrilling matches.

In October and November, there was a noteworthy rise in searches for homestay properties across many locations in the nation, according to Parikshit Choudhury, Chief Business Officer – Alternate Accommodation & Customer Contact Group at MakeMyTrip. This pattern suggests that cricket fans are more open than ever to considering homestays as a practical and alluring lodging choice.

MakeMyTrip Hopes to Satisfy the Increasing Demand for Homestays.

MakeMyTrip is working to improve its portfolio of homestay accommodations, particularly in cricket centres, in order to meet this growing demand. “A large percentage of homestay properties in these cities during October and November are still available for cricket lovers at a reasonable price,” continues Parikshit Choudhury. This idea creates a win-win situation for both hosts and visitors because it enables cricket fans to fully experience the fever while taking advantage of convenient and reasonable lodging.

The Distance to Cricket Stadiums will be Displayed by MakeMyTrip.

MakeMyTrip has unveiled a new feature that shows how far hotels are from cricket stadiums in various locations. This practical tool helps cricket fans choose the best and most convenient housing option based on how close it is to the stadium.

MakeMyTrip has created the “Host Your Home Cell,” which is staffed by a dedicated team available around-the-clock, to further ease the onboarding process for homestay hosts. To guarantee a simple and hassle-free experience for hosts wanting to list their houses on MakeMyTrip’s homestay funnel, this team offers practical help.

To Make it Easier for Cricket Fans to Get Lodging, MakeMyTrip has Expanded its Homestay Service.

How to sign up for the Host Your Home program

If you are interested in participating in the “Host Your Home” initiative or wish to register your home as a host, MakeMyTrip invites you to visit the website at This initiative presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to leverage the heavy cricket season and earn additional income while providing a comfortable stay for cricket enthusiasts.

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