Twitter Quietly Eliminates the Need to Log in to view Tweets.

Twitter has quietly lifted these limitations after asking users to check in in order to access tweets for days. Therefore, you don’t need a Twitter account to view Twitter links in a browser.

Musk said that he took these “temporary” precautions to stop data scraping when Twitter began enforcing the login requirement.

“Short-term emergency action. He wrote in a tweet, “We were getting data stolen so frequently that it was affecting performance for regular users.

The business hasn’t provided any information regarding the steps it has taken or made any official announcements about allowing users to read links even if they aren’t signed in.

A day before Meta releases Threads, its own text-based program, Twitter makes its move. Fascinatingly, before withdrawing the links, Threads also briefly permitted people to browse messages online without logging in. When the app officially releases, it’s probable that users will be able to view Threads postings without creating an account.

In an effort to stop data scraping, Musk also implemented read limitations over the weekend of 1,000 posts per day for unverified users and 10,000 posts per day for verified users. The business claimed in a blog post that this move only had a “small percentage of people” affected and that “effects on advertising have been minimal.”

Twitter Quietly Eliminates the Need to Log in to view Tweets.

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