What Apple Support on X Allows Customers to do and does not Currently

What Apple Support on X allows customers to do and does not currently

According to reports, Apple has discontinued offering live technical support through direct messaging on X, formerly Twitter. Customers who post a direct message to the @AppleSupport account on X get an automated response with links to the company’s website’s Get Support page and the Apple Support app for the iPhone and iPad, as first noticed by MacRumours. Additionally, according to reports, the account no longer responds with a human to postings that mention the @AppleSupport account.

Apple has modified the Apple Support on X description as well. Prior to this week, the account’s description stated that it was “available every day to answer your questions,” but that information has since been deleted. The updated description reads, “The account’s description originally stated that it was “available every day to answer your inquiries,” but that phrase was removed this week.

Since 2016, Apple has provided live chat assistance on Twitter. It’s unclear if Elon Musk’s contentious acquisition of the social media platform last year had anything to do with Apple’s decision to switch to automated service on the website.

Conversation between Apple Support and Gadget Now

Regarding a problem with our iPhone 15 smartphone, we contacted Apple Support. Follow this link, and we’ll identify the appropriate form of support for you, if you need assistance with an Apple product or service: The response said, “—http://apple.co/3MrD4Hc.”

when we reacted by saying, “Hello,”

We appreciate you contacting us. We can assist, but in order to offer the greatest service, we’d like to move on to a different support channel. We’ll find you the finest assistance option if you click on this link: http://apple.co/3MrD4Hc,” was the response. It continued, “With the Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad: http://apple.co/AppleSupportApp, you can troubleshoot an issue, manage your subscriptions, and more.”

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