WhatsApp Is Introducing a Sticker Recommendation Tool For iPhone Users: This Is What It Means:

No, your WhatsApp messages are not read by the Indian government.

WhatsApp is always adding new features to improve the user experience. For iPhone users, the Meta-owned platform has now included a new sticker suggestion feature.

According to WABetaInfo, the popular messaging app is now offering sticker suggestions to iOS users. The functionality is now only available to app beta testers, and you must apply the update version to access the new sticker feature. This feature prompts users with a new sticker tray featuring stickers linked to the emoji entered into the chat box.

A screenshot of the new functionality was also released by WABetaInfo. Following the addition of this new feature, there will be a new sticker tray above the keyboard in WhatsApp. This tray shows all of the stickers that are related with the emoji you put in the conversation box.

“Because the number of installed stickers continues to grow over time, we believe the new sticker suggestion feature will be very useful.” It can be difficult to find a specific sticker in our big collection. However, selecting the ideal sticker for each scenario becomes lot easier because all you have to do is write an emoji, saving you time,” according to the study.

WhatsApp users on Windows may now change the text size.

WhatsApp has recently released a new feature for Windows users that allows them to choose the font size. This enhancement attempts to improve the overall user experience by allowing users to customize the size of the text displayed on their desktop screens.

Users can access this feature by going to the app settings within WhatsApp and looking for it under the ‘Personalisation’ menu. Windows users now have an easy way to change the font size within the WhatsApp application thanks to this handy text scaling function.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has added useful shortcuts for rapid modifications. CTRL +/- can be used to increase or reduce the font size, and CTRL+0 to return it to its default size.

WhatsApp Is Introducing a Sticker Recommendation Tool For iPhone Users: This Is What It Means:

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