After 30 days, TweetDeck Will Only be Accessible to Verified Users, According to Twitter.


A fresh version of TweetDeck began rolling out to customers on Monday after large portions of users were unable to access the web app during the previous few days. Also, the business stated that in 30 days, users will need to be verified in order to access TweetDeck. As a result, TweetDeck will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, verified businesses, and some individuals who have received gift verification from Twitter.

According to Twitter, the new TweetDeck will support all saved searches and processes from the previous TweetDeck. It was mentioned that users switching to the new version will also have the choice to import their columns.

The social network is introducing full composer functionality, Spaces, video docking, and polls on TweetDeck. However, it said that Teams functionality is “temporarily unavailable.”

In essence, Twitter is offering customers a 30-day trial to test the new TweetDeck before they decide whether or not to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Elon Musk set rate limitations on how many tweets a person may read to stop scraping over the past few days, making many user-accessible TweetDeck features unavailable.

Several social media managers and brands use TweetDeck, users noticed during the outage. Since that TweetDeck will become a paid product in the upcoming thirty days, they might search for substitutes with a more feature-rich offering.

Since a few years ago, Twitter has been testing a new version of TweetDeck; today, under the new leadership, it is finally rolling out internationally.

An employee of the company said in a TweetDeck Twitter community that the company disabled legacy APIs in order to avoid scraping, which had an impact on the online app.

Musk established a read limit of 1,000 tweets per day for non-verified users and 10,000 tweets per day for confirmed users over the weekend.

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