Here’s How Google Plans To Convince You To Install An Android Upgrade.

Here's How Google Plans To Convince You To Install An Android Upgrade.

One of the most significant obstacles that mobile operating system developers, particularly Google, face is their failure to persuade the majority of consumers to install upgrades on their smartphones. While some people rapidly update their iPhones and Android devices to the most recent milestone or security version, others tend to delay doing so. Google is currently developing a new approach to urge consumers to install the forthcoming update.

Google is developing an Android Upgrade Invite feature that will display a changelog for the next version. This changelog, however, will be different from what users have been receiving up to this point.

Android Upgrade Invite functionality

Unlike current updates, which provide users with a text-based changelog before installing an update, the new method will provide a sequence of panels highlighting the awaiting upgrade’s benefits.

These screens will also include a prompt to update. People will be able to see what improvements the update will bring to their devices, and they will have a better understanding of how their smartphones work.

“Upgrade Invite is a user flow that highlights the key new features included in the latest major Android OS upgrade.” “The flow is intended to assist users in convincing them to upgrade their device to the most recent OS version,” an Android landing page states.

When an OS upgrade is pending approval on a device, customers will receive a push notice highlighting the new features and urging them to do the upgrade, according to the company.

Users can also personalize the Upgrade Invite experience by deleting unnecessary features, changing the language in the text blocks, and changing the animations, colours, and fonts to match the brand of their smartphone.

Android Upgrade Invite Restrictions

This capability will be available to Android OEMs and will require Google Mobile Services support.

Because it is restricted to “major” Android OS versions, OEMs who provide updates to their own software skin without upgrading the underlying Android version will be unable to provide this functionality.

However, OEMs may be able to work on it and create something similar for their own pending updates.

Here's How Google Plans To Convince You To Install An Android Upgrade.

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