A Bold Fix from Apple: iOS 17.1 Addresses Radiation from the iPhone 12

Apple iOS 17.1

Last month, Apple introduced iOS 17, offering new features and iterative tweaks to iPhone customers. Updates to the most recent OS have already been made; iOS 17.0.3 fixed the overheating problem with the iPhone 15 Pro. According to reports, the corporation based in Cupertino, California, is getting set to release iOS 17.1.

The Upcoming Update to iOS 17.1

By October 24, iOS 17.1, the upcoming update, will be available. This update is essential since it tries to address radiation levels related to these devices, especially for French iPhone 12 users.

The Upcoming Update to iOS 17.1

Validation by the French Regulatory Body

This next iOS 17.1 update has been approved by ANFR (Agence Nationale des Frequences), a French regulatory organization that oversees cellular communications. The update has been carefully examined and tested by ANFR to make sure it complies with all essential safety requirements and laws.

Solving Radiation Issues

The radiation levels of iPhone 12 models in France are one of the main issues that iOS 17.1 will solve. The iPhone 12 had been reported by the French authorities in September for allegedly exceeding European radiation exposure guidelines.

SAR, or specific absorption rates

With this update, Apple hopes to lower the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) of iPhone 12 devices to below the permitted level in Europe. This is an essential measure to guarantee the security of iPhone 12 users in France and to meet EU safety standards.

Rollout in stages

The upgrade has reportedly already begun to reach certain beta testers over the past week, according to ANFR. On October 24, a larger rollout for all iPhone 12 owners is supposed to start. By releasing the update gradually, it may be extensively tested and validated before being made available to all users.

Rollout in stages

Sales of the iPhone 12 are prohibited

The ANFR has outlawed the sale of the iPhone 12 in France up until the release of iOS 17.1. This choice was taken after tests showed that the model’s SAR values were marginally higher than the permitted level.

SAR Values and Safety Bounds

For device SAR values, the European Union establishes strict safety criteria. There may be a connection between heightened SAR values and a higher chance of developing cancer, according to scientific studies. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain these values within appropriate bounds.

The Commitment of Apple

Apple has pledged to address concerns regarding the radiation levels on iPhone 12 devices in France after originally dismissing the problem. The next iOS 17.1 update is evidence of Apple’s dedication to consumer security and happiness.

Effect on Sales of the iPhone 12

Apple stopped selling the iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro variants, and iPhone 13 Mini in India when the iPhone 15 series was introduced. This action underscores Apple’s dedication to the most recent technological advancements and user security.

iOS Update 16.7.1

The iPhone manufacturer also started releasing the iOS 16.7.1 upgrade for older handsets earlier this month, which fixed two security problems. This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to maintaining the security and modernity of its products.

iOS Update 16.7.1


In conclusion, Apple’s prompt response to the issues raised in France regarding the radiation levels on iPhone 12 models shows their dedication to user safety. Users can anticipate a fix for this problem in the next iOS 17.1 release, ensuring that their devices stay under safe radiation exposure limits.


What is the main business of Apple?

The iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and iOS operating system are among Apple’s most popular consumer electronics, software, and services.

What led Apple to resolve radiation concerns for the iPhone 12 models in France?

Concerns expressed by the French regulatory organization ANFR, which discovered SAR values just slightly above legal limits, spurred Apple to pay attention to radiation levels.

What exactly are Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) and why are they significant?

The rate at which the body absorbs radiation from electronic devices is measured by SAR values. To reduce health hazards, it is crucial to maintain these values within safe ranges.

When will iPhone 12 owners in France be able to get iOS 17.1?

On October 24, the iOS 17.1 update will start to roll out more widely, guaranteeing that all iPhone 12 owners in France may take advantage of the safety improvements.

How does Apple handle updates and safety issues for its products around the world?

To enhance user happiness, Apple is dedicated to rapidly addressing safety issues and releasing updates. The business engages with regulatory organizations and performs extensive testing.

What more upgrades has Apple made recently to its products?

Apple has released iOS 16.7.1, which emphasizes improving security for older models in addition to addressing radiation concerns, underscoring the company’s continuous dedication to customer safety.

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