Apple Wants the Case Against Epic Games to be Heard by the Supreme Court.

Apple Wants the Case Against Epic Games

In an effort to overturn a decision in an antitrust case brought by “Fortnite” creator Epic Games, Apple will petition the US Supreme Court. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued the ruling, which might compel the iPhone manufacturer to alter its App Store payment policies.

Apple might no longer be able to stop developers from giving users a way to make payments outside of the App Store thanks to the court’s decision. For all platform purchases, Apple now charges a fee of up to 30%, thus the change will virtually reduce the company’s revenue.

A nationwide injunction against the business was issued by the lower court’s judgment, according to Apple, which claimed that this went too far and violated a state of California unfair competition legislation.

According to a Reuters story, “Apple said its petition in the Supreme Court will raise ‘far-reaching and important’ questions about the power of judges to issue broad injunctions.”

Epic contested significant portions of the judge’s decision in the case, which benefited Apple. The video game developer attempted to resurrect its antitrust complaints against Apple in its appeal over the latter’s limiting app distribution and payment policies.

The maker of video games may potentially request that the US Supreme Court hear its case.

Why Epic Filed a Lawsuit Against Apple

In 2020, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple to contest the “Apple tax” that the firm levies on in-app purchases. Epic requested a court order to halt Apple’s behaviour. Additionally, Epic Games and Google have had a conflict.

After breaking one of their app store guidelines, Fortnite was taken off the App Store and Google Play store in August 2020. With Fortnite, Epic Games introduced its own in-app purchasing system.

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