Mark Gurman Report: Unveiling Apple Watch X: New Design & Magnetic Band System

Apple Watch X

Innovation in the field of technology is limitless. Apple, a market leader, is renowned for its innovative products that continuously reimagine the user experience. According to recent rumours, the business is getting ready to introduce a breakthrough upgrade to its well-known smartwatch, the Apple Watch X. This invention has a fresh look and a cutting-edge magnetic band system that has the potential to change the face of wearable technology.

Apple’s Design Philosophy Has Evolved

With the release of the iPhone X, a reinvented smartphone celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary, Apple’s heritage of superior design was established. The Apple Watch X appears to be the company’s attempt to mimic this strategy. The new wristwatch is anticipated to bring a novel approach to aesthetics and functionality, much as the design of the iPhone X captured users’ attention.

Introducing the Apple Watch X.

The respected tech journalist Mark Gurman claims that Apple is aggressively developing the Apple Watch X. Gurman, who is renowned for his astute comments, has emphasized how this new generation of smartwatches will differ from those that came before it. The magnetic band system, which takes the place of the conventional locking mechanism for the watch bands, is one of the most interesting features promoted. In addition to convenience of use, this new approach may increase wearability and comfort.

Enhanced Wearability and a Slimmer Chassis

According to Gurman’s sources, the Apple Watch X will have a thinner chassis. This revamp gives the device a sleeker appearance and improves wearability. The watch might be more adaptable to varied wrist sizes and styles if it had a thinner shape.

Enhanced Wearability and a Slimmer Chassis

The Magnetic Band System: Changing the Convenience Game

The press-to-release locking mechanism utilized in earlier Apple Watch models has been dramatically changed by the integration of a magnetic band system. This change should make changing bands easier while ensuring solid adhesion. The magnetic mechanism simplifies band switching and may open the door to cutting-edge materials and designs.

Change and Compatibility

While adding the magnetic band system has several advantages, compatibility needs to be taken into account. Existing bands could become incompatible with the Apple Watch X due to the redesigned mechanism. However, this compromise might result in improvements to the internal architecture or a bigger battery, resolving the ongoing issue of longer battery life.

Embracing Technological Advances

Apple has a history of pushing the limits of technology. Gurman’s reports make a suggestion that the Apple Watch X will use MicroLED technology. With its increased aesthetics and efficiency, this display technology could usher in a new era of smartwatch displays.

Beyond the Surface: Wellness and Health

The Apple Watch has developed into a companion for health and wellbeing, and the Apple Watch X may expand upon this role. Blood pressure monitoring, a function that might give consumers important health data and increase the watch’s utility, has been mentioned in rumours.

Expectations and timing

Those who are anxiously anticipating the release of the Apple Watch X may need to be patient. The Apple Watch Series 9 is anticipated to debut at the same time as the iPhone 15 series of smartphones. The smartwatches are expected to include improved CPUs and a wider selection of colours, whereas the smartphones will feature notable hardware changes.

 Apple Watch X

Considering the Future

The tenth anniversary of the first Apple Watch coincides with the anticipated release date for the Apple Watch X. Because of its historical relevance, the new smartwatch might debut in 2024 or 2025. Concrete information is often withheld until the actual launch event due to Apple’s tradition of secrecy.


The Apple Watch X is more than just a technological improvement; it is a symbol of Apple’s dedication to breaking down barriers and making products that effortlessly fit into consumers’ lives. This smartwatch is destined to alter the wearable technology scene once more with its revamped appearance, magnetic band mechanism, and promise of cutting-edge technology.


When is the Apple Watch X anticipated to debut?

The anticipated release date of the Apple Watch X is 2024 or 2025, which may also be the 10th anniversary of the first Apple Watch.

What distinguishing quality of the Apple Watch X is there?

The magnetic band technology, which substitutes the conventional band locking mechanism for better comfort and wearability, is the distinguishing feature of the Apple Watch X.

Will the Apple Watch X work with existing bands?

Existing bands may become incompatible with the magnetic band technology, but this trade-off may result in improved designs or a bigger battery.

What new technologies are anticipated for the Apple Watch X?

MicroLED technology, which offers better visuals and efficiency in its display, might be found in the Apple Watch X.

How does the Apple Watch X promote health and wellbeing?

Blood pressure monitoring is rumoured to be a feature of the Apple Watch X, enhancing its functionality as a health and wellness companion.

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