Instagram Threads No Longer Support The iOS 17 Beta, According To Apple: Details

Instagram Threads No Longer Support The iOS 17 Beta, According To Apple: Details

The first update for Threads since its launch on July 6 has been released. The update makes the app more user-friendly and provides a more smooth experience for users by adding a few new features and fixing bugs. It is currently available in the Apple App Store. “New @threadsapp iOS updated dropped today,” wrote Instagram software engineer Cameron Roth on Threads. Check out the creations we’ve been working so hard on. According to Roth, the update makes it possible to expand profile pictures and run the app without crashing on iOS 17 beta.

The following are some of the additional modifications that were included in the update:

Support for the iOS 17 public beta: The update resolves a problem that rendered Threads unusable on iOS 17.

Up to 10 photos can be posted in a carousel: Users of Threads could previously only post one photo at a time, thus this is a significant improvement.

The search tab can be double-tapped to start a search: Finding the threads you’re looking for is now simpler.

Support for extra-tall photos: Users can now upload pictures that are taller than the usual 1:1 ratio thanks to this.

A “facepile pill” with fresh polish: When there are new posts to read, this is the display of a list of users that shows at the top of the screen. It now has a more refined and contemporary appearance thanks to an update.

Other bugs fixed: Other errors are been fixed in the update, including those related to scrolling, dismissing threads, and seeing profiles.

How to install the Threads iOS 17 beta update

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone to install the most recent iOS 17 update in the Threads app.
  • In the top right corner, tap the profile photo.
  • Now click Updates, then scroll down until you see the Threads app.
  • Tap Update to install the update if it’s available.
Longer Support The iOS 17 Beta,

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