iPhone 13 Pricing Lowers Significantly On Amazon And Flipkart. Ten Days Before The iPhone 15 Launch


Customers may now get the iPhone 13 for a much reduced price on Flipkart without any restrictions. The significant price reduction may be due to Apple’s announcement that the new iPhone 15 series will launch on September 12. As a result, the iPhone 13 will become outdated, and the price on the online shopping platform may be very cheap. Considering that new iPhones for 2023 will be released in around ten days, this also begs the question of whether people should purchase the iPhone 13 or pass it up. Here are some specifics:

The iPhone 13 is now significantly cheaper. Ten days before the iPhone 15 launch

The starting price for the iPhone 13 is currently Rs. 58,999 on Amazon and Flipkart. Given that platforms gave bank offers and other discounts to sell the 5G phone at this price, this is the lowest pricing to date. Customers can now purchase the iPhone 13 at this price without a bank offer, though.

Additionally, individuals who desire a bigger discount and have a credit card from HDFC Bank can purchase the iPhone 13 on Flipkart for an actual price of Rs 56,999. Although Amazon doesn’t have a bank offer, both platforms do. As a result, customers can trade their old phones for this iPhone and get an even better deal on it. However, keep in mind that the exchange price is determined by the age and quality of your previous phone.

Should you wait to purchase the iPhone 15 and pass on the heavily discounted iPhone 13?

Leaked information to date points to considerable improvements for the iPhone 15 in terms of the camera, CPU, design, and other areas. However, because of these improvements, the iPhone 15 might cost a lot of money—possibly around Rs 80,000 or even a little bit more. The wait for the iPhone 15 can be worthwhile if you’re anxious for the newest features and don’t mind the price. The iPhone 13 is still a feasible alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Being a two-year-old 5G model, the iPhone 14 offers a 2022 iPhone at a lower price than its predecessor, which is presently selling for more than Rs 65,000 in India. As a result of the iPhone 13’s resemblance to the iPhone 14, its camera, display, battery, and CPU performance are comparable. As with Apple’s most recent versions, going back to the iPhone 11, the design is unchanged.

Overall, consumers on a tighter budget can purchase the iPhone 13, while those with a budget of at least Rs 80,000 should wait for the iPhone 15.

Since the price of the iPhone 13 is anticipated to decrease even after the release of the iPhone 15, consumers can also take a chance and wait to purchase one. A price reduction for the iPhone 14 will probably be announced by Apple, as it is customary to do each year. The price of the iPhone is currently Rs 79,900 on the Apple Store, while that of the iPhone 13 is Rs 69,900.

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