New Aadhaar Services Are Now Available On UIDAI’s Toll-Free Number: This Is The List.

New Aadhaar Services Are Now Available On UIDAI's Toll-Free Number

New services developed on IVRS by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) are now available to Indian citizens. For those who don’t know, UIDAI is the official organization set up by the Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Meity) in accordance with the Aadhaar Act 2016’s stipulations. There is a toll-free number for the nodal Aadhaar issuing authority that provides a number of services. The active toll-free number for UIDAI is 1947. It was first implemented by the authority in 2016. The free number is accessible all the time.

On this toll-free line, UIDAI launched a number of new services earlier this year. These consist of:

  • Be aware of your Aadhaar enrollment and update status.
  • Check the status of your Aadhaar PVC card.
  • Know the status of your Aadhaar complaints.
  • Find an Aadhaar enrollment site.
  • Use SMS to access information on Aadhaar and related services.

“Explore new services created by UIDAI based on #IVRS. To receive information through SMS or to check out their Aadhaar enrollment or update status, PVC card status, or other information, residents can phone the UIDAI toll-free number 1947, 24 hours a day.

Meet Aadhaar Mitra, the chatbot.

Aadhaar Mitra, a new chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, was also introduced by UIDAI in November 2022. To assist consumers in finding solutions to their questions regarding Aadhaar cards, the Aadhaar Mitra chatbot has been introduced. The Aadhaar Mitra chatbot allows citizens to do a number of activities, including raise a complaint and track its progress. Residents can access the Aadhaar Mitra chatbot by scanning a QR code that UIDAI also distributed. However, if someone is unable to scan the QR code, they can still access it by going to the UIDAI website.

New Aadhaar Services Are Now Available On UIDAI's Toll-Free Number

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