Oppo Watch 4 Pro Unveiling: Dual-Processors & LTPO AMOLED Display

Oppo Watch 4 Pro

Tech lovers are buzzing with anticipation as the highly anticipated Oppo Watch 4 Pro launch approaches. The teasers posted on Oppo’s official Weibo page have sparked a flurry of rumours and conversations as the well-known player in the smartwatch business gets ready to unveil its most recent creation. In order to provide a thorough preview of the new Oppo Watch 4 Pro, we go deep into rumours and leaked specifications in this article.

An overview of the Oppo Watch 4 Pro

Display and Design: A Luxurious Touch

With its updated look and display, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro is ready to make a big impression. A new LTPO AMOLED display promises vivid pictures and effective power usage. A noticeable design change involves moving away from an aluminium alloy frame to one made of stronger 316 stainless steel. The watch’s ceramic foundation also improves texture and durability. Despite these modifications, the watch still has the recognizable rectangular display and spinning crown button that users loved in the Watch 3 Pro. You can choose from a variety of straps, including a leather choice for those who like sophistication and a rubber/fluoroelastomer alternative.€

The heart of innovation is performance.

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro’s performance rumours are fascinating. According to rumours, the watch will include a dual-platform architecture and the powerful 4nm Snapdragon W5 CPU. The Watch 3 Pro put this chipset’s powers on display, and Oppo plans to do the same. Oppo intends to release the HES2700 alongside the vanilla W5 chipset, which does not have a built-in co-processor. The watch’s low-power mode is optimized by this clever combination, ensuring the best possible trade-off between efficiency and performance.

The Oppo Watch_4 Pro also puts eSIM technology front and centre, giving customers better connectivity possibilities. The watch now has a larger memory capacity, with 2GB of RAM and astounding rates of 4.2GB/s.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro Unveiling

Additional Information: Innovation in Every Detail

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro offers a variety of improvements in addition to its appealing display and powerful performance. A key component of any smartwatch, the battery is anticipated to be 570 mAh, providing an estimated battery life of about five days when used in full smart mode. The watch will be able to meet the expectations of today’s users thanks to this battery improvement.

More than 85 independently developed apps are supported by the watch’s growing app ecosystem. This more extensive app compatibility is expected to improve the user experience and accommodate different tastes. The Oppo Watch 4 Pro also incorporates enhanced health monitoring thanks to updated 16-channel SpO2 and 8-channel heart rate sensors. Notably, the watch adds temperature and ECG sensors, expanding the possibilities for tracking one’s health.

Market Launch for Oppo Watch 4 Pro:

As anticipation grows, the business has officially revealed that the Oppo Watch 4 Pro will be offered in two eye-catching hues: Grey and Black. You should put August 29th on your calendars as the launch date for this incredibly innovative smartwatch. The improvements and features of the Watch 4 Pro more than make up for the anticipated price increase over those of its predecessor, the Oppo Watch 3 Pro, which had a CNY 1,899 price tag.

It’s important to note that the previous version of the watch was only available in China. The Oppo Watch 4 Pro might take a similar path, though details are still sketchy. Keep checking back for more information, which will become available after the forthcoming Oppo event.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro Unveiling


The Oppo Watch 4 Pro is a tribute to innovation and technological prowess in the constantly changing world of smartwatches. This wristwatch is primed to make a huge impact because to its twin CPUs, LTPO AMOLED display, and other features to improve user experience. The Oppo Watch 4 Pro personifies the spirit of progress that propels the tech industry forward as we wait for its formal release.


When will the Oppo Watch 4 Pro be released?

On August 29, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro is expected to go on sale.

How does the Oppo Watch 4 Pro differ from its predecessor in terms of improvements?

Improvements including dual CPUs, an LTPO AMOLED display, better sensors, and more app support are included in the Oppo Watch 4 Pro.

How long will the Oppo Watch 4 Pro keep its charge?

Thanks to its 570mAh battery, the watch’s expected battery life in full smart mode is 5 days.

Is the Oppo Watch 4 Pro accessible worldwide?

The prior model was largely sold in China, though specifics are few. It is still unknown whether the Watch 4 Pro is offered in other regions.

What distinguishes the Oppo Watch 4 Pro from other smartwatches on the market?

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro offers consumers a comprehensive and cutting-edge smartwatch experience thanks to its dual-platform design, LTPO AMOLED display, cutting-edge sensors, and extensive app compatibility.

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