Reddit Is Deleting Old Chats; Here’s How To Get Them Back.

Reddit Is Deleting Old Chats; Here's How To Get Them Back.

Reddit is moving to a new chat architecture, eliminating all chats and messages before 2023, because the firm believes that removing older communications will allow for a “smooth and quick transition” to the new architecture. The update went into effect on June 30th, however many users were not aware of it until several days later.

Reddit announced the cutoff in a changelog but did not directly contact community members. As a result, several users’ communication logs were lost, and they were unable to back up their histories. However, these deleted chats can be recovered.

This is how you can regain access to your Reddit conversation.

Reddit users can request account data via an online form, which may include interactions from before 2023. Although they may be difficult to uncover, the messages may not be lost forever.

By logging in and heading to the data request page, you can access the archive for past Reddit conversations. Choose a date range or the time since you joined.

This new chat layout features subreddit chat channels and a redesigned tab for mobile users, similar to Instagram’s chat interface. Additionally, Reddit is adding a “live bar” that displays all of the communities you are a member of, as well as any dedicated chat channels you haven’t yet joined. These channels can be accessible on your Chat screen under the Discover tab.

Reddit is facing blowback as a result of the move. Many subreddits went dark in protest of the new regulations, making it impossible for third-party apps like Apollo to function. Since then, users and moderators have taken a variety of counter-actions.

Reddit is also discontinuing its current token system for honouring outstanding contributors. Users will no longer be able to buy new coins, and all rewards and coins will be deactivated by September 12th. The current approach has been criticized for introducing clutter, and some users do not find it useful. While a successor system will be implemented, it is projected to be simpler and easier to use.

Reddit Is Deleting Old Chats

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