Best Review: The Honor 90 Maintains its Position in the Premium Market, but Competitors Loom Big.

Review: The Honor 90 maintains its position in the premium market, but competitors loom big.

Honor, which many of you might not remember, was a well-known Gen Z brand in India under the Huawei umbrella about six years ago. Honor 90 had a fashionable look and a performance-focused strategy, but it suffered a serious setback in India as a result of limitations the US placed on its parent firm, Huawei. However, Honor quickly became a stand-alone company and has maintained strong sales in numerous Asian markets.If you’re wondering why I’m presenting this brand history, it’s because Honor smartphones are once again available in India. The former Realme India director has founded a new business, HTech, to revive the Honor brand in India. Obvious doubt exists regarding Honor’s ability to meet or even exceed the standards it previously set in India, especially in light of the fierce competition from other Chinese manufacturers.


If I had to sum up the Honor 90’s design in one word, it would be “stunning.” The emerald green color of this exquisitely made equipment has a very premium feel, and it is unquestionably energizing. It’s important to note that my personal preference tends to favor green tones. However, there are other options available if you don’t particularly like this color, such as diamond silver and midnight black. Honor has managed to incorporate a large 6.7-inch screen while maintaining an incredibly thin profile, coming in at just 7.8mm. The ergonomic design of the device has curved edges on the front and back to increase comfort during prolonged use. Notably, Honor has chosen a plastic chassis instead of the normal practice of many smartphones sporting a steel chassis, while strengthening it with tough glass on both the front and rear panels rather than Corning Gorilla Glass.

The item retains a strong and robust quality; this prevents it from feeling inferior or fragile.
The lack of an IP designation, which may have given it water and dust resistance capabilities, is a noteworthy disadvantage. For prospective purchasers that place a premium on gadget toughness and protection from hazardous situations, this missing feature is a relevant concern.


Curved smartphone screens are now a popular trend, but the Honor 90 goes beyond just the sides.

Curved smartphone screens are now a popular trend, but the Honor 90 goes beyond just the sides. It is very deserving of acclaim for having a curved, bezel-free display on all four sides. This works in conjunction with a 120Hz refresh screen, which guarantees fluid navigation and outstanding sunlight visibility at 1600 nits of maximum brightness. In order to reduce screen flicker renders and enhance eye comfort, Honor has also introduced 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming; however, I was unable to notice any change.

This smartphone is an excellent companion for individuals who enjoy binge-watching television programs, motion pictures, and now the Cricket World Cup. I particularly liked watching the World Cup matches in Max mode on apps like Disney+ Hotstar on this iPhone. A significant feature is the availability of a video enhancer option. Popular apps like Netflix enable this feature, which improves the color and contrast of full-screen videos for a more vivid and immersive viewing experience. both Facebook and YouTube.

It’s important to note a minor flaw with the mono speaker, which may not satisfy the highest standards for audio quality. It’s best to get wireless headphones or earbuds for a really immersive audio experience to ensure you don’t miss a beat while enjoying your favorite material.


The Honor 90 runs Android 14 atop MagicOS 7.1 and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition processor. Compared to vanilla Android, the user interface is drastically different. The control center and notifications may be accessed by sliding down from the top left and top right of the home screens, respectively. Apps are dispersed throughout the home screens. You’ll feel at home if you enjoy the user interface on Xiaomi smartphones. The user interface is generally praiseworthy, but it’s necessary to keep in mind that the Honor 90 doesn’t have the newest chipset. However, it functions fairly well in both benchmark tests and real-world usage.

Everything functions without any lag when used frequently for web browsing, content streaming, gaming, and even document editing. Extended gaming sessions, though, can make the device warm. This might not be the best option for individuals who are avid players.

There’s no need to fret if Google services are missing from your Honor device because the entire Google Suite is already pre-installed. My favorite Google products include Gmail, Search, Photos, Docs, and Lens, and they all function well. Also accessible from the Google Play Store is the Microsoft Office 365 package. SwiftKey is the pre-installed keyboard on the Honor 90; however, you may install Gboard if you like.

For this gadget, Honor has promised to provide two firmware updates and three years of security updates.

For this gadget, Honor has promised to provide two firmware updates and three years of security updates.


The design and accessibility of Google Services are excellent; however, nowadays a lot depends on the camera. With its three cameras—a 200MP main camera with a 1/1.4-inch sensor, a 12MP ultra wide camera, and a 2MP depth camera—the Honor 90 performs a respectable job. The phone takes pictures with a resolution of 12 MP by default, but 200 MP is also an option. Unquestionably amazing, utilizing the default camera in good lighting conditions produced photographs that might easily land on Instagram feeds. However, under low-light conditions and when photographing at night, the story takes a different turn. Here, the colors are frequently oversaturated, the finer features seem softer, and occasionally, it’s possible to see noise. The difficulty of capturing steady, crisp photographs in low-lit conditions is further exacerbated by the lack of optical image stabilization (OIS).

A 50MP front-facing camera with a 100-degree field of view and f/2.4 aperture is available for selfie enthusiasts and performs OK.


A 5,000mAh battery, which easily lasted me a day of heavy use, supports the performance. A 66W charging adaptor, which Honor has included in the box, can be fully charged in under an hour.


The Honor 90, which has a starting price of Rs 37,999, excels in terms of its svelte appearance and general performance. It does not, however, excel when it comes to cameras. The Honor 90 is up against tough competition in this pricing range from phones like OnePlus, Vivo, and Reno.

Price: From Rs. 37,999

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