Sony Launches The SRS-XV800 Party Speaker In India: Price, Specifications, And More

Sony Launches The SRS-XV800 Party Speaker

In India, Sony has released the SRS-XV800 party speaker. The speaker is specifically tuned for India, according to the manufacturer, and produces a powerful bass as well as an omni-directional sound from its X-Balanced speaker units.

Price and availability of the Sony SRS-XV800 party speaker

From July 14, the Sony SRS-XV800 will be available for Rs 49,990 at Sony retail stores (Sony Centre and Sony Exclusive), the portal, major electronic stores, and other e-commerce websites.

The Sony SRS-XV800 party speaker has the following features:

Sony SRS-XV800 party speaker packs Sony’s X-Balanced speaker units that have an almost rectangular diaphragm that is said to maximise the area of the speaker diaphragm and also increases sound pressure for deeper and punchier bass. Sony says that the speaker also provides less distortion and greater vocal clarity for a richer, clearer and more rewarding listening experience.

Sony claims that the X-Balanced Speaker Units’ architecture creates deep, strong bass and vocal clarity even when the volume is turned up. The TV Sound Booster function on the Sony SRS-XV800 speaker boosts audio-visual material for immersive entertainment. It has built-in wheels and a handle for portability.

Karaoke, guitar input, an intuitive and illuminated touch panel, an IPX4 rating, and Bluetooth connectivity are among the other features. The SRS-XV800 provides indirect illumination that generates ambient light. The lights automatically sync to the music’s pulse and rhythm.

The Sony SRS-XV800 speaker is stated to have a battery life of 25 hours and can deliver 3 hours of play time in 10 minutes of quick charging.

Sony Music Centre and Fiestable apps are both supported by the new SRS-XV800. Users can customize playlists, lighting patterns, and sound modes. Users can use Fiestable to control functionality such as Voice Changer and Echo, as well as DJ control to add sound effects.

In India, Sony has released the SRS-XV800 party speaker

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