Tata Motors Will Use A Two-Pronged Strategy To Combat The Hyundai Creta.


The 4.3-meter, or tiny SUV, party hasn’t welcomed Tata Motors until now. Already, vehicles like the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and the Hyundai Creta are in charge. Tata will therefore attack the market head-on with two powerful compact SUVs that promise to cover all the bases and fill in the gaps in order to tackle the unfavorable conditions.

The Two-Pronged Strategy

The first of the two SUVs to enter the fight will be the Tata Curvv. The Curvv will be introduced first as an EV. Then, shortly after, it will have an ICE powertrain. It will appeal to customers seeking something more youthful, active, and visually appealing. Additionally, the Curvv will be the first SUV coupe in the 4.3-meter category. For the petrol-powered models, we anticipate a price range of Rs. 10 to 15 lakh ex-showroom. The price of the electric variants would exceed Rs 20 lakh.

The Tata Sierra will be the second SUV to challenge the Koreans and Japanese in the compact SUV category. The Sierra will also offer both ICE and electric engine choices. Now, the Sierra will cater to the more typical SUV buyer, while the Curvv will appeal to the young-at-heart, trendy, and outgoing demographic. The Sierra prioritizes factors like room, ease of entry and exit, and driving convenience thanks to its squarish and functional form. Therefore, it ought to be appealing to people looking for a straightforward family SUV.

Additionally, some of the older potential buyers will benefit from the nostalgia.

One Beats Two

Tata Motors made a wise decision by opting for two SUVs rather than one in a market segment that is already saturated. It won’t be easy to lure customers away from the Grand Vitara or the Creta. It would have been more challenging if Tata had decided to include its tiny SUV in the same, segment-standard mix. Tata Motors, however, has a much better chance of success because it offers two very different proposals in the same market to meet the needs and desires of various purchasers.

The Curvv and Sierra will also have very distinct exterior looks, but they will still have a lot in common mechanically. Along with mechanical components like suspension and brakes, as well as the underlying technology that powers them, the two will share powertrains. And as a result, there will be substantial cost reductions. Along with eroding some of the sales of the competition, we anticipate that the Curvv and Sierra pair will draw in new buyers for the compact SUV segment.

Launch information

Tata Curvv will go on sale in the first part of FY24, while Sierra is anticipated to arrive closer to the end of the same fiscal year.

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