Tesla Introduces Less-Powerful, Less Expensive Model X and Model S Models.


For customers who need less range, Tesla now offers new, more affordable options. On its two most costly models, the carmaker has brought back the “standard range” trim level, which reduces the price by $10,000 and the range of an EV by about 80 miles.

With this new option, the Model S now has a starting price of $78,490 and a range of 320 miles, while the Model X now has a starting price of $88,490 and a range of 269 miles. For the Model S, this is a reduction from $88,490 with a range of 405 miles, and for the Model X, this is a reduction from $98,490 with a range of 348 miles.

When Tesla started offering just the Plaid kits with long range and high performance in 2021, this trim choice was previously eliminated.

The new Standard Range trim weights the same as the extended range option, according to the Model S and Model X product pages. This suggests that the vehicles share a battery pack and that a software lock sets a range restriction. Tesla might let customers pay the difference in price to unlock more range after the initial purchase.

This is the most recent in a string of international price changes made by Tesla over the previous 12 months that have caused a drop in gross margins. Over the previous year, the manufacturer reduced the cost of the Model Y and Model 3 multiple times. The more expensive Model S and Model X also mention price drops. This most recent change differs from earlier ones in that Tesla has never reduced the price and range of a vehicle to make it available at a lower price.

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