Apple’s Grand Step: 2024 Production of Foldable iPad

Apple's Grand Step: 2024 Production of Foldable iPad

Apple, known for its creativity and distinctive product offers, is once more creating news in the computer industry. This time, the topic is their debut into the market for foldable electronics. While Apple has stayed away from foldable iPhones, rumors regarding a foldable iPad have been rampant. According to recent reports, this rumor might actually happen sooner.

Rise of Foldable Technology

Foldable devices have become extremely popular in recent years, largely due to Samsung’s ongoing efforts in this market. The South Korean electronics titan was a market pioneer for foldable cellphones and currently enjoys a commanding lead. Other producers, however, are already increasingly expressing interest in this developing market. With distinctive offers, businesses like Motorola, Oppo, and OnePlus have entered the foldable market.

Rise of Foldable Technology

The Entry of Apple Into Foldables

Apple has its sights set on the foldable technology market. Apple is renowned for its strategic and well-timed market entrance. The Cupertino-based corporation is getting ready to introduce its first foldable tablet, which won’t be an iPhone but an iPad, according to sources familiar with the situation. Tech fans are scratching their heads and wondering why this unexpected choice was made.

The Production Schedule and Timing

Apple is approaching this new endeavor with caution. The small-scale manufacture of this foldable iPad is expected to begin by the end of 2024, according to supply chain sources. Apple’s desire to compete in the foldable smartphone market is obvious, but the precise design and functionality have not yet been revealed. Apple appears to be following a strategic approach rather than just blindly embracing foldable technology.

Why the iPad rather than the iPhone?

It’s fascinating that Apple decided to launch their foldable device lineup with the iPad. Several factors support this decision. One example is that the iPad’s operating system, iPadOS, is comparable to iOS on the iPhone. This makes testing foldable technology on the iPad before implementing it on iPhones a natural next step.

The Economical Approach

For its foldable iPad, Apple apparently chose a simpler design in order to achieve cost-effective production. This practical strategy fits in with Apple’s reputation for effectiveness and excellence. The business can reduce some risks related to the shift to foldable technology by making the iPad its first folding gadget.

The Economical Approach

Insights from Ming-Chi Kuo

Regarding Apple’s ambitions, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been a trustworthy source of information. He made a suggestion in one of his prior publications that Apple might release its foldable iPad in 2024. These fresh developments support his earlier hypotheses. Additionally, according to Kuo, the folding iPad would have a carbon-fiber kickstand, giving it an intriguing new feature.

Aware of Market Dynamics

Apple’s choice to enter the market for foldable devices was also impacted by market factors. The foldable iPad might be a calculated effort on Apple’s part to revive this area of its product lineup in light of the company’s falling tablet shipment numbers. They do this to combat the declining sales of conventional iPads.


The release of Apple’s first foldable iPad is widely anticipated by the tech community as its entry into the foldable gadget industry. The possibility of a foldable iPad shows Apple’s dedication to innovation and adaptation to changing consumer demands, even though the specifics are still shrouded in secrecy.

The Entry of Apple Into Foldables

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When will the foldable iPad from Apple be available?

By the end of 2024, small-scale production of Apple’s foldable iPad is anticipated to start, with a potential introduction the following year.

As opposed to starting with an iPhone, why did Apple choose a foldable iPad?

Because iPadOS and iOS are similar operating systems, Apple chose the iPad as its first foldable device in order to reduce the risks associated with adopting foldable technology.

What distinguishing characteristic did Ming-Chi Kuo foresee for Apple’s foldable iPad?

Apple’s foldable iPad may have a carbon-fiber kickstand, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

What market dynamics are the foldable iPad’s designers hoping to address?

The foldable iPad intends to revitalize this area of Apple’s product lineup in light of the decline in tablet shipping volume.

Are there any other specifics regarding the functions and appearance of the foldable iPad?

Apple has not yet provided specifics on the look and functionality of the foldable iPad.

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