Honor Play 8T Launch: Specifications, Features, and Date

Honor Play 8T Launch

A rebadged version of the Honor Play 50 Plus that was first introduced in China earlier this year is the Honor Play 8T. Here is everything we currently know about this latest addition to the Honor mobile portfolio in case you are eagerly anticipating it.

The Honor Play 8T is getting ready to launch, and the whole smartphone industry is anticipating it. While the precise date has not yet been revealed, an alleged poster that reveals its design and features has surfaced.

Honor Play 8T Launch
Honor Play 8T Launch

Date of the Launch

The Honor Play 8T will go on sale in China on October 18 according to a claimed teaser poster that was obtained by a Weibo user. The excitement is increasing as it approaches.

Hole Punch Display

The Honor Play 8T will feature a hole punch display design, which is stylish and maximizes the screen-to-body ratio, according to the poster. An immersive viewing experience is promised by this design decision.

Capabilities of cameras

The camera configuration on this incoming smartphone is a noteworthy feature. The 50-megapixel primary rear camera is mentioned by the poster. Photography enthusiasts can anticipate taking beautiful pictures with this gadget.

Large Battery

In a world when we rely on smartphones for a variety of functions, battery life is crucial. The Honor Play 8T reportedly has a sizable 6,000mAh battery, so it doesn’t fall short in this regard. This allows for more usage without frequent charging concerns.

Honor Play 8T Launch

Performance and Storage

Additionally, the image suggests that the device would come with 256GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM. With this setup, you can multitask easily and have plenty of room for your apps, games, and data.

Display Intensity

The Honor Play 8T’s screen is stated to support up to 850 nits of peak brightness for those who value vivid and brilliant displays. This makes sure that even in direct sunshine, your content looks fantastic.

Honor Play 50 Plus: A Familiar Face

A rebranded version of the Honor Play 50 Plus that was released in China earlier this year is the Honor Play 8T. The cost of this item, which was well welcomed, was CNY 1,399 (around Rs. 15,000.

What Comes Next?

The specifics of this new smartphone have been jealously guarded by Honor up to this point. The anticipation is strong, yet official information has not yet been given via their Weibo channel.

A Potential Successor

The Honor Play 7T, which made its debut in March, may be replaced by the Honor Play 8T. The base model cost about CNY 1,099, which is equivalent to about Rs. 13,100, and came with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

An Overview of Honor Play 7T

With a 6.74-inch TFT LCD and a 90Hz refresh rate, the Honor Play 7T provides a fluid and snappy user experience. It has an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 6020 SoC, 8GB of RAM, and internal storage that could go up to 256GB.

Keeping a Memory

The Honor Play 7T had a dual rear camera arrangement with a 50-megapixel primary rear camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor for photographers. The phone’s 5-megapixel front camera was a nod to selfie enthusiasts.

Charging and Batteries

The Honor Play 7T’s 6,000mAh battery, which supports 22.5W cable charging, will keep you running all day. This made sure your equipment was prepared to use when you were.

Honor Play 8T Launch


There is a lot of buzz about the Honor Play 8T for good reason. It aims to be a competitor in the smartphone industry because to its svelte appearance, great photographic skills, and ample battery. The launch date of October 18 is rapidly approaching, and excitement is growing while we wait for additional information from Honor.

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Is the Honor Play 8T a different Honor model that has been rebranded?

The Honor Play 8T is the Honor Play 50 Plus with a new name.

What are the Honor Play 8T’s main features?

A 50-megapixel primary rear camera, a 6,000mAh battery, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of onboard storage are all included in the Honor Play 8T’s feature set. It also has a hole-punch display.

How do the Honor Play 8T and Honor Play 50 Plus compare?

According to rumors, the Honor Play 8T is a rebranded model of the Honor Play 50 Plus with the same features and specifications.

How much did the Honor Play 7T cost, and how does it stack up against the Honor Play 8T?

The Honor Play 7T’s base model retailed for CNY 1,099, and the Honor Play 8T is anticipated to be priced similarly.

What does the Honor Play 8T’s hole punch display represent?

The smartphone’s aesthetics are improved by the hole punch display design, which also gives a higher screen-to-body ratio and a more immersive viewing experience.

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