Introducing the Spectacular Design of the Oppo Find N3!

Oppo Find N3!

As the highly anticipated Oppo Find N3 prepares to make its official debut, expectation is at an all-time high in the constantly changing world of smartphones. The presentation is set for October 19, and Oppo fans all over the world are excited to see this ground-breaking gadget. This launch event, which will take place in China at 2:30 PM local time (midnight IST), has the potential to revolutionize the game, especially since OnePlus, Oppo’s sibling company, will also be introducing its first foldable smartphone at the same time. This article examines the Oppo Find N3’s design in great detail and provides a glimpse at the outstanding features that this smartphone will provide consumers.

Unveiling the Oppo Find N3

Oppo has provided Weibo users with an advance look at the Oppo Find N3’s official design just two days before its official unveiling. These renderings zoom in on the interior display to show a punch-hole cutout in the top right corner. The foldable phone features an alert slider on the right edge, with a barely perceptible seam, thanks to Oppo’s innovative engineering. The gadget has curved edges and thin bezels surrounding the display, giving it a fashionable yet practical appearance. Notably, the design still has a certain familiarity to it, evoking the Oppo Find N2, which was introduced in China in December of the previous year.

Oppo Find N3

Similarities to OnePlus Open

It’s important to note the Oppo Find N3’s similarities to the OnePlus Open as it gets ready for its official unveiling. The Oppo Find N3 will be released in China at 2:30 PM local time (midnight IST) on October 19, while the OnePlus Open will be introduced in India at 7:30 PM IST on the same day. Is there more that unites these smartphones than merely their release date? is the question on everyone’s mind.

An Overview of the Hardware

According to information that has leaked, the Oppo Find N3 will be equipped with a massive 12GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. It should also function on Android 13, which promises a smooth and user-friendly experience. But the display, a 7.82-inch OLED inner panel with a magnificent 2,268 x 2,440-pixel resolution and an amazing 120Hz refresh rate, is sure to catch everyone’s eye. With its vibrant and fluid images, this display is ideal for watching films, playing games, or just surfing the web.

The Oppo Find N3 will also include a 6.31-inch OLED outer screen with a resolution of 1,116 x 2,484 pixels and the same 120Hz refresh rate for those who prefer a more compact experience. It is convenient to perform fast operations without unfolding the device thanks to this additional display.

Triple Cameras’ Strength

There is a compelling reason for those who are enthusiastic about smartphone photography to be enthused about the Oppo Find N3. A 48-megapixel primary camera, a 48-megapixel secondary camera, and a 64-megapixel telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom are said to be included in the triple rear camera configuration. Users may anticipate gorgeous images and movies with such impressive camera capabilities, whether they’re taking landscapes, portraits, or close-ups.

For those who enjoy taking photos, the Oppo Find N3 may have a 32-megapixel or 20-megapixel front-facing camera, delivering the best possible quality for your selfies and video chats.

Oppo Find N3

Fast Charging and Batteries

According to rumors, Oppo will have a 4,805mAh battery to power this feature-rich handset. With such a large battery, you may use your smartphone all day long without having to worry about charging it frequently. And when it comes time to recharge, Oppo’s fast charging technology saves the day with a powerful 100W fast charging support that will have your device ready to go in no time.


In the world of smartphones, the Oppo Find N3 is exciting for all the right reasons. It is ready to be a serious competitor in the market thanks to a captivating design, solid hardware, and amazing photography capabilities. Tech aficionados continue to be eagerly awaiting Oppo’s spectacular launch event as they have great hopes for the Oppo Find N3.

The Oppo Find N3 is a gadget to keep an eye on if you’re someone who needs the most recent smartphone technology. It promises to provide a superior user experience by fusing innovation and style.

You can now prepare to investigate this amazing device for yourself. Use the Oppo Find N3’s official launch on October 19 to your advantage!

Oppo Find N3

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When will the Oppo Find N3 be made available to the public?

On October 19 at 2:30 PM local time in China (midnight IST), the Oppo Find N3 is scheduled to make its public debut.

Will the Oppo Find N3 be sold in other countries?

It is anticipated that it will remain exclusive to the Chinese market, although it may also be made available in other areas in the future.

What distinguishing qualities does the Oppo Find N3’s camera have?

A triple back camera configuration featuring a 48-megapixel primary camera, a 48-megapixel secondary camera, and a 64-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom is believed to be present on the Oppo Find N3. It might have a 32-megapixel or 20-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies.

In what price range should the Oppo Find N3 be available?

The Oppo Find N3’s pricing information is still pending official confirmation. At the official launch celebration, the pricing details are anticipated to be made public.

How does the OnePlus Open compare to the Oppo Find N3?

On the same day, both the Oppo Find N3 and the OnePlus Open are expected to be on sale. However, once the gadgets are formally unveiled, we will know how much they are alike and different.

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