Google Has Updated Chrome With New AI Search That Summarizes Online Pages.


You may now more easily consume and understand web content thanks to new features Google is including in its AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE), according to the company’s announcement. These advancements can aid in understanding complex concepts, improving coding skills, and finding information in complex areas.

“We’re thrilled by the positive initial reception to our generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE), which we have recently debuted. Since the initial deployment, we haven’t stopped making adjustments to improve the experience. In fact, we recently announced improvements that add more images and videos to overviews, alter how connections are displayed, and more,” the US-based internet behemoth stated in a blog post.

When learning something new or looking for an explanation of a subject, you can come across a phrase that you don’t understand or simply want additional information on.

To make this easier, Google will soon release changes to its AI-generated answers for a variety of topics or inquiries relating to science, economics, history, and more. With this update, specific words will now have a definition preview and any associated diagrams or drawings when you hover over them.

With the Google Search app for Chrome, a new test feature is now available to condense a lengthy article. Chrome may provide “key points” from a webpage in addition to an “Explore on page” section with questions and answers drawn from the text.

Google claims that the new “SGE while browsing” feature will allow consumers to “more deeply engage” with long-form content from artists. It highlights the key points of publications that are available online to the general public, but not paywalled content.

Chrome now offers the new AI capability for iOS and Android devices. Google anticipates launching its services on desktop computers “in the coming days.” Google intends to soon enhance responses produced by AI. Users will be able to examine definitions and see associated diagrams or illustrations when they hover over words using this.

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