Nothing Phone (2) Receives An Upgrade Based On Android 14 Beta 1: Check Out Best Features, Download Instructions, And More.

Nothing Phone (2) Receives An Upgrade Based On Android 14 Beta 1: Check Out Features, Download Instructions, And More.

The recently released Nothing Phone (2) smartphone will soon receive an Android 14 Beta 1 update, according to a statement from Nothing. Nothing in OS 2.5 is introduced by the new software update, which includes a number of enhancements and functions. Here are the features that users of the Nothing Phone (2) will receive, along with instructions on how to sign up for the forthcoming Android 14 upgrade.

Update for Nothing OS 2.5: Features

The widgets library interface has been changed by Nothing to make them seem more clearly, according to information provided by the firm. With the most recent Nothing OS 2.5 upgrade based on Android 14, you can now display your favorite photographs on both your home screen and lock screen via a new photos widget.

Users of the Nothing Phone (2) will also see a new screenshot editor and menu that allow for quicker removals and more sophisticated editing options. The back gesture’s appearance has also been modified by the firm, and hiding app icons from the home screen and app drawer is now an option. In the app drawer, you may now swipe right to see hidden app icons.

Now, users can swiftly take screenshots using a three-finger swipe. The double-press power button can also be customized to quickly access a certain feature. A joint page for customizing the home screen and lock screen has also been updated by Nothing to provide a wider range of options. For a cleaner Home Screen appearance, the most recent update also includes new solid color wallpapers and the addition of a glass filter.

Features of Android 14 on Nothing Phone (2)

The most recent Android 14 operating system has officially been released by Google, and other phone manufacturers have begun developing it for their specific models. Users of the Nothing Phone (2) will be able to view a new monochrome color theme in the basic color section with the Android 14 Beta 1 upgrade.

Features of Android 14 on Nothing Phone (2)

Along with the redesigned Quick Settings layout and new Nothing earbuds icons, there is a new back gesture when engaging with apps. Additionally, there are more Lock Screen shortcut choices. Do not disturb, be silent, use a QR code scanner, and have a video camera.

With an enhanced volume control interface, Android 14 also lets users alter the volume of their ringtone and notification sounds independently. Finally, additional regional settings have been provided for Nothing phone users, so you may personalize your unit and number selections.

How to download Android 14’s Beta 1 update for the Nothing Phone (2)

It’s crucial to keep in mind that beta updates are not the final releases; therefore, there may be some software instability before you sign up for the beta program. Users who have already signed up for Nothing’s Beta program can upgrade their phones by going to Settings > System > System Upgrade on the device. Go to to sign up if you’re interested.

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