Play The Pani Puri Game On Google Doodle And Learn How To Score More Points.

Play The Pani Puri Game On Google Doodle And Learn How To Score More Points.

Almost everyone enjoys pani puri. Despite all the discussions about health and cleanliness concerns, one of India’s most popular crunchy snacks, pani puri, gol gappa, and phuchka, has managed to not only survive but also dominate the country’s street food sector.

On its Google Search page, Google has created a brand-new intriguing doodle game as a tribute to this well-liked crispy food. In reality, the pani puri doodle has replaced the Google search emblem.

Pani puri is one of the most popular street snacks in South Asia, unless you are from India or have somehow managed to avoid learning about it by living under a rock. Both 5-star hotels and upscale restaurants as well as the streets are spotted selling it. This dish consists of a crunchy, little ball that is stuffed with mashed potatoes or boiled white whole matar combined with masala and a variety of masala pani (hing, jeera, sweet, garlic, pudina, etc.).

What is and how to play the Google Doodle pani puri game

Pani puri day celebrations A straightforward yet entertaining game created by Google has players take on the role of pani puri merchants, giving their customers the pani puri they prefer with their preferred flavour of water.

The game, however, is made to resemble a sugar crush game in that players are instructed to click on the pani puri to essentially serve consumers who are presented what they want in the form of photographs.

They can also see how many pani puris they want in the graphic at the top. In some cases, the game will display two different varieties of pani puris, and in order to score points, players must press on the image and the corresponding number.

Additionally, there are two game modes: Timed and Relaxed. In the timed mode, participants will have a set amount of time to select the proper panipuris option from the board. There is absolutely no timer in the relaxed mode. Players have three chances as well.

Advice for players on how to win the game

  • Count the panipuris quickly and click on it.
  • Be cautious since the picture occasionally displays two pani puris.
  • There are only three lifelines, so you must use them to your most advantage.
Play The Pani Puri Game On Google Doodle And Learn How To Score More Points.

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