Soon, Users Will Be Able To Modify Posts, Utilize Hashtags, And More In Threads.

Soon, Users Will Be Able To Modify Posts, Utilize Hashtags, And More In Threads.

what is instagram threads

Instagram has a different app called Threads that is intended for posting text updates and participating in group conversations. With the flexibility to include links, images, and videos up to five minutes in length, updates can be posted up to 500 characters long.

Since its release, Threads has become a topic of conversation. After barely a week, Meta’s just released app is already clogged with users and has surpassed 100 million downloads, making it the most rapidly expanding software in recent memory. However, the software is still in its infancy, and the business plans to give it more functionality.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the firm will include features including an edit button, hashtags, and a following page. The Threads app will undoubtedly get these functionalities, according to Mosseri. Users can update their posts on the app using the edit option, and postings from accounts they follow are shown in the following feed. Mosseri additionally disclosed that a text transcription option is also being developed.

The Instagram head responded to a feature request on the “Following” tab by saying, “We’re working on it, but the next week is all about getting rid of bugs and keeping the lights on…”

“We’ve got to build a following feed over the next couple of weeks, but I do think a lot of why people are getting so much engagement right now is because you don’t need to follow a bunch of people to discover a bunch of new accounts in feed,” Mosseri stated in response.

When asked about a function that would automatically delete posts after 90 days, the head of Instagram previously replied, “I was thinking 30 but make it a user choice, but maybe 90 if better…” The Threads app will automatically remove the postings after 90 days after the feature is implemented.

Threads won’t’replace’ Twitter.

Threads has been quite clear that it doesn’t aim to take the place of Twitter in any way. The aim isn’t to displace Twitter, Mosseri stated in a discussion. The objective is to establish a public square for communities on Instagram who have never fully embraced Twitter and for communities on Twitter (and other platforms) that are interested in a less combative space for dialogues, but not all of Twitter.

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