How to Get an Aadhaar Card Made of PVC

How to Get an Aadhaar Card Made of PVC

To further strengthen this identity, the UIDAI has made it possible to order an Aadhaar card made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Because PVC Aadhaar cards are printed on plastic, they are long-lasting and resistant to deterioration. Your Aadhaar number and additional demographic data are stored on the physical Aadhaar PVC card. It is a handy way to always have your Aadhar number on hand and may be used to authenticate transactions at a number of public and private organizations.

Get your PVC Aadhaar card by following the instructions listed below.


  • Use the mAadhaar app or go to the UIDAI website.
  • Enter your VID or Aadhaar number now.
  • Enter your registered cellphone number after that.
  • Now choose your delivery address and input the OTP that you received on your mobile number.
  • Once completed, you must submit the request and pay the Rs. 50 cost.
  • Now, you can use the mAadhaar app or the UIDAI website to check the status of your order. After placing your order, you will receive your PVC Aadhaar card within 15 days.

Here are some more instructions for placing an Aadhaar card order in PVC format

  • Before completing the order, confirm that your registered mobile number and Aadhaar number are accurate.
  • Before you begin the order procedure, prepare your payment details.
  • In case you need to check on the status of your order, keep your VID and Aadhaar number close to hand.

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