How to Make Payments Offline Using UPI Without the Internet

How to Make Payments Offline Using UPI Without the Internet

Are you sick and tired of having to rely on your internet connection every time you want to send a UPI payment? Slow internet speeds and transaction interruptions can be very frustrating. However, guess what? There is an alternative to waiting for a stronger signal or looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Offline UPI payments are coming to make your life a lot simpler.

The Benefits of Offline UPI Payments

The idea of Offline UPI payments is refreshing in a world where online purchases are becoming more common. Just think about the convenience of using UPI without a reliable internet connection. This strategy will work for you whether you’re going somewhere remote, running into network problems, or just prefer the simplicity of offline transactions.

How to Make Payments Offline Using UPI

What is an offline UPI payment?

You can conduct UPI transactions without an internet connection by using Offline UPI payments. This service, which can be accessed using the USSD number *99#, is a joint effort of 83 illustrious banks and four significant telecom service providers. The appeal of this service resides in its availability; with 13 different languages supported, there is no linguistic barrier for anyone.

*99# was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to simplify UPI transactions among the nation’s various banks. All you have to do to start a transaction is dial the USSD number from your registered mobile number. You will be guided through the procedure by an interactive menu that will show up on your screen.

How to Configure Offline UPI Payments

Offline UPI payments are simple to set up. Here is a step-by-step instruction to get you started:

  • Dial *99#: Open the dialer on your phone and dial *99#.
  • Choose Language: From the list of available languages, select your preference.
  • Put in the IFSC code: When prompted, enter the IFSC code of your bank.
  • Select an Account: Choose the bank account that will be used for transactions.
  • Give your debit card information: For verification, enter the last six digits and expiration date of your debit card.
  • If all information is accurate, your offline UPI payment feature will be activated.
How to Make Payments Offline Using UPI

How to Make UPI Payments Offline

Without an internet connection, you can conduct transactions using your offline UPI payment capability. As an example:

  • Call *99#: Start your phone’s dialer and enter *99#.
  • Select “Send Money.” To send money, choose option “1” from the menu.
  • Input payment information: Enter the associated phone number or UPI ID of the receiver.
  • Specify Amount: Enter the desired transfer amount, which is limited to Rs. 5000.
  • Enter the UPI PIN and Confirm the transaction: Enter your UPI PIN and confirm the transaction.

It’s important to note that by simply dialling *99# and following the prompts, you can stop using the offline UPI service.

Accepting Convenience and Simplicity

A game-changer for those who value simplicity and convenience is offline UPI payment. By dialling *99# from your registered cellphone number, you gain access to a world of hassle-free transactions. Although the transaction limit is small, the peace of mind is priceless.


Can I use UPI without an internet connection?

With Offline UPI Payments, UPI transactions can be completed without an internet connection. Simply dial *99# from your registered cellphone number and adhere to the directions displayed.

Who first implemented offline UPI?

To improve transaction accessibility, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) established the idea of offline UPI payments.

What is the offline UPI transaction cap?

The current offline UPI transaction maximum is 5000 rupees, with a minimal fee of 0.50 rupees per transaction.

Can I use Jio and offline UPI?

Yes, regardless of the service provider, the technique remains the same. Dial *99# on your phone, select the option you want, complete the required fields, and finish the transaction.

Is Paytm UPI available offline?

‘Tap to Pay’ is a feature of Paytm UPI that enables offline use. This tool makes it simple to make offline payments even if your phone is locked or not connected to the internet.

Are you prepared to appreciate the simplicity of offline UPI payments?

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